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Footage and images shared on social media following the reported tornadoes in Florida

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Primary Blog/Severe Storm Watch/Footage and images shared on social media following the reported tornadoes in Florida

Tuesday, January 09, 2024 Reports: Severe storms swept through Florida's Panhandle on Tuesday morning, leading to reports of multiple tornadoes. The National Weather Service will determine confirmation, strength, and intensity. Residents have shared videos and images on social media depicting the aftermath of the damage. The potential tornadoes are associated with a powerful low and a cold front.

The National Weather Service has issued warnings, stating that the front could bring damaging winds, coastal flooding, the possibility of tornadoes, and heavy rainfall. The impacts are expected to start on the night of January 8, peak on the morning of January 9 in the Panhandle, and continue through Tuesday evening in the peninsula. Ryan Truchelut, chief meteorologist at WeatherTiger, emphasized the need for caution.

Search and rescue operations are underway at the FL Caverns RV Park in Marianna, where severe weather caused significant damage. The National Weather Desk tweeted about multiple tornadoes reported in Florida's Panhandle. 
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