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Governor of Vermont Initiates Festive Fundraising Effort to Support Those Affected by July Flooding

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Primary Blog/Flood/Governor of Vermont Initiates Festive Fundraising Effort to Support Those Affected by July Flooding

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

The Vermont initiative aims to generate funds for housing requirements, groceries, medication, vehicle fuel, and mental health assistance.

Vermont is aiming to generate an additional $1 million this holiday season to aid victims of the July flooding. Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, revealed the launch of a six-week campaign during which ongoing sales of "Vermont Strong" license plates and socks will contribute to the fundraising efforts. Governor Scott emphasized that as the aftermath of the summer flooding persists, many families are still grappling with home repairs, some resorting to living with relatives while others remain uncertain about their future. A significant number of households lack heating, and numerous businesses are struggling to open their doors for the crucial holiday season.

Calling upon Vermonters to support their communities, Governor Scott encouraged acts of kindness, volunteering time and labor, and purchasing Vermont Strong license plates and socks. The ongoing effort has already garnered nearly $1 million, but more contributions are essential, according to Scott. Acknowledging the strong sense of community demonstrated during the summer and fall, he expressed confidence in Vermonters' care for one another and resilience.

The funds raised through the holiday campaign will be allocated to address housing needs, food security, individual and family assistance for essentials like groceries, medication, and vehicle fuel, as well as mental health services and support. Additionally, half of the proceeds will be directed to businesses through the Business Emergency Gap Assistance Program.

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